5 Misconceptions About Writers You Should Stop Right Now

I have only been a professional writer for almost a year, but every time I tell people what I do for living, I am either met with looks of disbelief or a stream of (often) baseless questions that aim to either prove or debunk their preconceived beliefs about the people who have the same profession … Continue reading 5 Misconceptions About Writers You Should Stop Right Now


My Apologies…

  In case you are wondering why this blog seems inactive: no, I'm not getting lazy, and no, I am not abandoning the only avenue that allows me convey my thoughts to other people without fear of judgment. The truth is, I have run out of ideas of what to write during the past months. … Continue reading My Apologies…

Movie Review: V.I.P. (2017)

Synopsis: Lee Jong Suk plays Kim Gwang-il, the son of a high ranking North Korean government official. He is suspected of committing serial murders around the world. In order to stop him, South Korea, North Korea and Interpol chase after him. (IMDB) Review Lee Jong Suk plays a morally depraved man who tortures and kills … Continue reading Movie Review: V.I.P. (2017)

KDramas I Watched (So Far) In 2018

If I have another guilty pleasure aside from KPop, it would be binge watching KDramas. Perhaps it was the talented and good looking actors, or the unique and mostly cleanly executed storylines, but I can spend days doing nothing but sit in front of the screen watching these Korean dramas. Although I have watched only … Continue reading KDramas I Watched (So Far) In 2018

Struggles Only Communication Majors Understand

  For as long as it existed, the field of communication, and and its practitioners, has been plagued with a lot of stigma. Reduced to being ‘trivial’ and ‘downright useless’, many see it as the simplest way out, or a means of the young bourgeoisie to attain higher education. But there is more to the … Continue reading Struggles Only Communication Majors Understand